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Sometimes Miracles Come In Pairs Vinyl Wall Decal - Twins Baby Gift - Twins Wall Quote - Twins Vinyl Wall Art - Vinyl Decals Twins Decal

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Celebrate the gift of TWINS when you easily apply this "Sometimes Miracles Come In Pairs" Vinyl Decal to any room in your home! The message is clear and the love for your twins will be known to each visitor and member of your family. 


This decal measures approximately 28 inches wide by 13 inches in height.

✔ This decal comes with the transfer tape already mounted, which makes the installation process a breeze
✔ The decal has an adhesive that does not damage the paint, and is easily removed, even when you move after many years
✔ Installation is very straightforward, and Instructions are provided with each decal. Note that for shipping purposes the largest size might come in two pieces..

✔ Your Decal
✔ A transfer tape already mounted to the decal
✔ Installation Instructions

HANDMADE IN THE USA We create and package every piece of art ourselves to ensure the highest quality possible for every decal we sell. That means all the magic happens right here in Lockport,NY in USA!

THE FINEST MATERIALS Our decals are created with high-performance vinyl. All colors have a matte surface which does not glare when indoor light hits it. Plus, it gives the decal a paint-like feeling.