About our decals

Inspirational Wall Signs is committed to producing high quality vinyl wall decals for our customers. Our decals are designed, produced and shipped by us, there's no middle man. We believe that decorating and creating the perfect space should be hassle free and reasonably priced.

All of our products are made of the highest quality in the vinyl decal market. Our decals are cut when they are ordered, which means you can order exactly what YOU want, and you receive a freshly cut decal...not a decal that has been sitting on a shelf for months.

Will the decal stick to my wall?

Our vinyl decals can be applied to most surfaces; smooth/lightly textured walls, glass, mirrors, some finished wood, and plastic.

Decals will have great difficulty adhering to the following surfaces and may not stick at all:

• Low VOC/VOC free paint
• "Green" environmentally friendly paints
• Freshly painted walls. New paint will "gas out" over a course of a few weeks preventing the decal adhering the long term. It is advised to wait 1 month and then apply.
• Rough/textured walls

Refunds WILL NOT be issued for decals not adhering due to the above issues.


Each decal comes with complete application instructions, and an application squeegee.

Decals are super easy to apply and are by far the easiest way to embellish your space!

Simply peel the white backing off your decal and apply the decal with transfer tape side out to your hard, clean, smooth, dry wall or surface. Please follow all instructions included with your decal for best application results.

Can the decal be removed and reused?

Our decals are removable but not reusable.

Decals are a one time use product as the vinyl stretches and tears when it is removed. Removing the vinyl from your wall or surface is simple and hassle free.