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The 10 Commandments Exodus 20 Vinyl Wall Decal - Scripture Wall Decals - Christian 10 Commandments

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Introducing the "The 10 Commandments Exodus 20 Vinyl Wall Decal," the perfect addition to your home or office for those seeking to display their faith in a stylish and meaningful way. This high-quality vinyl wall decal features the timeless words of the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20, making it a powerful reminder of the core principles of Christianity.

Measuring [insert dimensions], this Scripture wall decal is designed to seamlessly blend with any interior decor. Its sleek and modern design allows it to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any room, from living rooms to bedrooms, offices to worship spaces. The decal is available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that best complements your existing color scheme.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this vinyl wall decal is made from premium-quality materials. Its adhesive backing ensures easy application and long-lasting adherence to any smooth surface, be it walls, glass, mirrors, or furniture. The decal is also removable without leaving any residue, allowing you to reposition or replace it as desired.

Not only does this decal serve as a striking decorative piece, but it also serves as a powerful symbol of faith. Each time you glance at the Ten Commandments displayed prominently on your wall, you are reminded of the moral compass that guides your daily life. It's an ideal addition to your personal space or as a thoughtful gift for fellow Christians, pastors, or religious organizations.

Embrace the beauty and significance of the Ten Commandments with this exquisite vinyl wall decal. Let its presence inspire and uplift you, fostering a deeper connection to your beliefs and values. Bring a touch of spirituality into your living space with the "The 10 Commandments Exodus 20 Vinyl Wall Decal" and create a meaningful ambiance that resonates with your Christian faith.

This decal measures approximately 30.75 inches wide by 24 inches in height.

✔ This decal comes with the transfer tape already mounted, which makes the installation process a breeze
✔ The decal has an adhesive that does not damage the paint, and is easily removed, even when you move after many years
✔ Installation is very straightforward, and Instructions are provided with each decal. Note that for shipping purposes the largest size might come in two pieces..

✔ Your Decal
✔ A transfer tape already mounted to the decal
✔ Installation Instructions

HANDMADE IN THE USA We create and package every piece of art ourselves to ensure the highest quality possible for every decal we sell. That means all the magic happens right here in Lockport,NY in USA!

THE FINEST MATERIALS Our decals are created with high-performance vinyl. All colors have a matte surface which does not glare when indoor light hits it. Plus, it gives the decal a paint-like feeling.

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Love it

Rob Mcmurray
10 commandments

I love the image even though it was difficult to apply. Looks great on the wall and is a great reminder of who’s my God and how to love Him!