Additional Policies

~Custom orders will be created on an individual basis, and at our discretion. Prices vary and are subject to change when the customization is altered/updated. Buyers will have the opportunity to review each custom order prior to purchase and will also be quoted a price prior to purchase.

~Scripture verse designs will only be printed using the KJV Bible.

~We reserve the right to refuse any order that contains vulgarity, adult content, references to alcohol, drugs and violence. 


~ One question that we are asked frequently is if our vinyl wall art adheres to textured wall surfaces. We have never tried to apply our vinyl to a textured wall but know that the vinyl MUST be applied smoothly or it might not stick properly to the surface. With this in mind, we do not recommend applying our vinyl wall art to textured surfaces. We do have a sample test decal available for purchase, so let us know if you'd like to order that!

~FRESHLY PAINTED WALLS need AT LEAST 4-6 weeks to "cure" or the decal may peel off/not adhere properly. Please keep this in mind if you are purchasing a decal for a newly renovated/painted space. 

~PLEASE BE ADVISED that vinyl wall decals typically do not adhere to walls painted with “zero VOC” or “VOC free” paint. It is not recommended that you apply our vinyl wall decals to walls that have been painted with this new paint. 

~Every design comes with detailed instructions of proper application, as well as an application squeegee.