Top 10 Tips For Making Your Wall Decals Stand Out

Top 10 Tips For Making Your Wall Decals Stand Out

  1. Choose a unique design: Instead of choosing a generic or popular design, try to find something that is unique and represents your personal style. This will make your wall decals stand out and be a conversation starter in your home.

  2. Use contrasting colors: Choose colors that contrast with the wall color or surrounding decor to make your wall decals pop.

  3. Go big: Consider using larger decals for a bold and eye-catching look.

  4. Create a theme: Use your wall decals to create a cohesive theme in a room or throughout your home.

  5. Mix and match: Don't be afraid to mix and match different styles and sizes of decals to create a dynamic and interesting display.

  6. Use unexpected locations: Instead of just sticking your decals on your walls, consider using them on doors, windows, or even furniture for a unique and unexpected twist.

  7. Layer your decals: By layering different decals on top of each other, you can create depth and dimension in your wall decor.

  8. Play with placement: Experiment with different placements and arrangements of your wall decals to see what looks best in your space.

  9. Use them to highlight specific areas: Use your wall decals to draw attention to a specific area or feature in a room, such as a fireplace or a piece of artwork.

  10. Combine with other decor: Incorporate your wall decals into your overall decor by pairing them with other wall hangings, plants, or furniture to create a cohesive look.