Vinyl Decal Come On Up Stair Decals Stair Riser Decal Staircase Sticker

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Add a touch of elegance and class to your stair case by easily applying this gorgeous "Come On Up" vinyl decal. Create a warm welcome to all who view your staircase.

Please note the size of this listing as the picture may not show the size to scale. Each decal that will be applied to each step is approximately 16 inches wide by 4 inches in height.

Our decals are available in additional sizes, fonts and colors. If you would like to customize this decal in any way, please contact us for a price quote.


Every order arrives with a step-by-step instruction sheet and an application tool.


♥ Our decals are designed and made in the USA with commercial grade, matte finish home décor vinyl. We are committed to using the very best materials, equipment and techniques to ensure a perfect finished product.

♥ Our decals can be applied to most clean, hard and flat surfaces.

♥ Our decals will look like they have been hand-painted, but will transform your space in minutes and with no mess!

♥ Our decals are removable, but not reusable.